18Volt  Protein Diet Food Weight Loss

18Volt Protein Diet Food Weight Loss

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Proportion of protein in cereals such as wheat, barley, rye, etc. is called gluten.

Some people suffer from violations of the mucosa of the small intestine, where it comes into contact with gluten. This is called celiac disease. It ''also known as gluten enteropathy or tropical sprue known. Can lead to weight loss, gas, result in diarrhea, can cause bloating or abdominal cramps. The person may suffer from deficiencies of vitamins and minerals. The lining ofSmall intestine can heal if gluten is completely eliminated from the diet of patients.

In severe cases of celiac disease when they are not treated in time, the villi are damaged and there are no complications, such as malabsorption of fats, magnesium, calcium, iron, fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, C, and vitamin B12. In this case, the patient with additional vitamins and minerals for several months (or years can claim), to regenerate villi.

Some peoplea skin disease such as dermatitis herpetiformis, with intolerance to gluten.

You can remove gluten from food?

It is not easy, from nutrition to a person, because almost all cereal foods used in their preparation to remove the gluten. Since we can not say what it can, in the name of an ingredient, you can easily consume gluten without knowing it. It is difficult to gluten free diet.

Ofstay in a strict gluten-free diet the condition of a celiac patient can improve dramatically. The patient''s diet should be reviewed periodically with a nutritionist, because it is necessary to keep gluten-free diet for life. Gluten-free cereals are usually low B vitamins and fiber. It must be taken to ensure an adequate intake of these nutrients. E ''gluten-free diet is very difficult.

The person responsible for a CD (celiac disease) Patients should understand nutrition, gluten-free diet well. The CD patient''s diet does not contain the following grains: rye, wheat and barley in any form. The following items can be eaten: corn, rice, soybeans, potatoes, tapioca. Gluten is present in malt vinegar, but not in white distilled vinegar.

Many food ingredients, wheat in their treatment. Gluten-presence is suspicious when food labels include the following conditions:

Hydrolyzed vegetable> Protein (HVP), unless made from corn or soy

Unless, of vegetable protein soy or corn

Flour and cereal products based on maize flour, rice flour pure soy flour or potato flour

Soy sauce or soy sauce solids, which are not known to contain the grain

Flour and locust bean gum, cellulose gum, flour of locust bean gum, gum arabic,

Malt or malt flavoring derived from corn

Modified food starch or modified starch from corn, potato, arrowroot,or corn

A food whose label contains the words "gluten-free are:

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